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FOR SALE – Vintage 1920′s Rolls-Royce publications

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Rolls-Royce Dealer publication from the 1920's

1920′s Rolls-Royce

Dealer Book / Pamplet

For the 20 h.p. six cylinder


$400 USD

This is used and shows signs of  gentle use.

This is a 36 page booklet.

The picture on page 25 has a small corner torn off with the piece still there.

The rest of the booklet is in reasonable condition considering the age of this.

The index has the following:

Preface 3-6

Illustrations 7-25

List of prices 27

Specifications 28-29

Guarantee 30

Inspection and service 31

Terms of business 32

Selling representatives 33-36

Truely an amazing piece of history.

The outside cover is a bit dirty / worn, but the inside pages are okay.

A great resource.  Again this is used, old and not in perfect condition.

Rolls-Royce Dealer publication from the 1920's

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