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Building the Patriot Sprint / Roadster Weld-up Header Kit With Sidepipe

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Building the Patriot Sprint / Roadster Weld-up Header Kit With Sidepipe

I always thought that a highboy roadster hot rod should have an external exhaust system. Having a small budget for the build of the 1929 Ford hot rod, I started looking around for options.

Patriot H8010 weld up header kit on the 1929 Ford roadster

Anything I would find at a swap meet would require hours and hours of modifications and really wouldn’t provide me with the look I wanted to achieve. The great thing now, is we have the internet, so searching for options was easy. Buying a new set of roadster or sprint style headers didn’t make a lot of sense as shipping to my location would be expensive considering the size of headers I wanted. Even several of the speed shops near me quoted insanely high prices. Now I was starting to worry a bit. Then I came across header weld-up kits. What a great idea! Now I started to price out some options. With the small package size shipping was a bit more reasonable. Then one Saturday on my way home from a car club meeting I came across a new hot rod shop only a few minutes from my place. I decided to go in a see what they could come up with. To my amazement, they could get the Patriot Exhaust sprint / roadster weld-up kit H8010 for my small block Chevy engine for cheaper than ordering them on-line. How was this possible?? Oh well, I made the order and paid a deposit. On a side note about this speed shop, they are no longer in business. I guess their pricing scheme was too low and they went out of business a short time later. A week later I picked the Patriot header kit up and started another building quest on the hot rod. What a jig saw puzzle! Below is a short high definition video on the process I had under taken to build this set of headers? I must say at times it was very frustrating. No instructions and none of the primary header pipes were labelled. Oh well, this is what hot rodding is all about.
In the end, due to a minor clearance issue with the tires, I decided to start over again with some different. To avoid clearance issues due to the huge inward offset of the Corvette rims on the C4 suspension, a set of Lakester headers made sense. This will be another story and build in the next post.