A black and white image of my almost completed 1929 Ford roadster hot rod

A black and white image of my almost completed 1929 Ford roadster hot rod

John Ansons and his 1929 Ford Hot Rod live in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada . The story of this car is a rather twisting and complex one that started with the purchase of two old and rather tattered Plymouths in 2004. There is trading and piecing together.  Selling, bartering, designing, and building of parts such as the frame and other parts. There is tearing down, fabricating, parts transplants.  There is money in and money out.  But the most interesting financial aspect of the finances of this project is that in the end the “in” and the “out” of it is almost even.  This project cost very little in terms of money.  What it did cost was supplemented with a lot of thought, even more imagination and ingenuity, stubbornness and the determination to see it finished.

It is also a matter of some pride that it was done with little money and a lot of hard work.  It is easy, with pockets that go deep enough to have a brilliant polished project parked in the driveway for all to see. That, is easy. John will take you through the process of designing, and building a very interesting 1929 Ford Roadster Hot Rod using C4 Corvette suspension components.

When John is not working out in the shop in his spare time, he is a Professor and the Coordinator of the Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology program at a local College.  There with a very interesting program team, a new accelerated program was developed.  The program became so successful that in has reduced the education costs for students, reduced student attrition, and increase the enrollment to the program.

Originally, John came from Creighton Mines Ontario.  There he worked in the mines for INCO as a bonus miner, mechanic, and heavy equipment operator before going back to school to upgrade his education and eventually becoming a professor.  Growing up in this small town,  with a  poor up bringing,  was the beginning of a very interesting life and story.  A real adventure.

Written by: J. L. Reilly my best friend, partner, and best of all, my wife of 5 and 30 years.  Thanks, Janis