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1929 Ford Model A Roadster – Build Update

Sunday, November 25th, 2012



1929 Ford Model A Roadster – Build Update


With a month to Christmas, the time working on the 1929 Ford roadster hot rod will be slim.  Santa’s workshop will swing into gear and this big elf will start making few gifts this year.  I haven’t done for a number of years.  Storing the Corvette off site this winter has opened up the shop with a bit of well needed elbow space making a few other projects possible.  It’s all these distractions that make time for building a hot rod difficult and time consuming. 

  1929 Ford roadster hot rod - build update picture 1

To take a break from illustrating the build of the hot rod, I decided to post several pictures of the 1929 Ford roadster as it is today.  This will give readers an idea of the direction I am heading with the build of this hot rod.  So, today I decided to wheel the hot rod out of the shop, and snap a few pictures and shoot a bit of video out in the lane.  While the hot rod was outside I also thought it would be a good idea to wash off some of the shop dust and dirt that has accumulated while in the shop.

   1929 Ford roadster hot rod - build update picture 2

  1929 Ford roadster hot rod - build update picture 3

Looking at the hot rod outside, I noticed a few things that should be changed.  Everything looks much different from a distance outside.  Of course a wheel alignment is obvious in the front end.  The Mercedes Benz horn I mounted on the front cross member needs to be hidden away.  The front Jaguar coil over shocks will be replaced with either aluminum or chrome ones and the list goes on.  Hmmmmmmm.

   1929 Ford roadster hot rod - build update picture 4

  1929 Ford roadster hot rod - build update picture 5

I must say that building a hot rod pretty much from scratch is not as easy as it sounds.  There is so much detail to consider in the hot rod and it’s all packed in a relatively small and very confined space.  Building the hot rod is very enjoyable and extremely therapeutic.  What a great way to forget the problems of the day.  It’s the biggest puzzle I have worked on so far.  With the hot rod about 85% complete, the last 15% is taking 85% of the time.  The devil is in the details!  I intend to mold from fiber glass the trunk floor, and center console for the gear shifter and a few switches.  The exhaust still needs to be welded, brakes juiced up, and an emergency brake installed.  Then there is the interior, sound system, and the final paint.  Oh my, oh my!! 

   1929 Ford roadster hot rod - build update picture 6

After Christmas I will give it my best to get the 1929 Ford roadster hot rot road worthy for the upcoming season.  At this point, an interior and paint job might need to wait till next winter.  I really would like to test the hot rod out for a summer and see how it handles with the C4 Corvette suspension.  In the off chance modifications are required, it would be nice to do them before the final paint.  Let’s see what the New Year will have in store for me.