Aluminum Polishing – Basic equipment required

In order to polish aluminum parts for your hot rod, or custom car you will need some basic equipment. These are a few or the tools and supplies that I have for the job.

2- AC motors ½ hp 1725 rpm (I had a few given to me. They came out of old furnaces. I have seen them in second hand stores for as low as $5.)
2- arbours to fit the shafts of the motors
1 – 10 inch polishing kit with 4 polishing wheels for each compound used (Enkay #158-10k)
1 – polishing compound kit with black emery, brown tripoli, white diamond, & red rouge. (Enkay #150)
1- die grinder to be used with various attachments
1- drill press flex shaft with keyless chuck (use a lower speeds with 2 inch sanding disks and 3M abrasive pads)
1 – small pad sander
1- small dual action orbital sander
1- small detail sander with triangular sanding pads
Lots of sand paper for all sanders and to use by hand.

This is a labour of love and is very time consuming.

Here is a short video showing some of the tools required to polish aluminum on your hot rod, custom car, or in my case, engine parts from my 1987 Corvette convertible. This is the first in a series of how to polish aluminum.

Just push the play button on the viewer to start watching the 3 minute video.


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