Fleetwood Country Cruize In – Canada’s Largest Outdoor Car Show June 5, 2010

Fleetwood Country Cruize In – Canada’s Largest Outdoor Car Show June 5, 2010

On Saturday, a group of my friends from the Forest City Street Rods car club all got together at the Little Beaver Restaurant in Komoka, Ontario, Canada.  This is about 15 minutes from my home.  After breakfast, Ron headed off to the Delaware Speedway, Bob went back to London, Ken and I headed off to the Fleetwood Country Cruize In at the Plunkett Estate.  With my Corvette still needing the engine installed and the 1929 Ford Roadster still needing more work to be on the road, Ken offered to drive me in his 1947 Ford pickup truck.  The weather looked a bit tough to start, but the gods in the sky did not let any rain fall for the day.  I guess it was all because Ken and I brought our umbrellas to the show and carried them around for the entire day!  We arrived shortly after 10am and most likely were one of the last to enter the show grounds with a vehicle.  Fortunately, we found a great parking spot towards the back of Steve Plunketts golf course up on a hill.  For the next 5 hours Ken and I walked around checking out all of the neat things on display.  I have a series of 4 videos showing the entire show as we saw it from driving in to leaving the event.  I suspect if the weather looked more promising in the morning the line-ups would have been insane.  As it was, and reported by the London Free Press today, the show attracted 2500 cars.  The money raised at this event is donated to a variety of charities.

The car show in nicely situated on Steve Plunketts personal golf course and grounds located directly behind Steve’s main house.  Steve collects for the most part Cadillac’s and has them on display in two buildings that the public can access.  This years theme was American Graffiti complete with a Mel’s Drive In stand and several stars of the movie were available to sign autographs and sold a variety of memorabilia. Candy Clarke and Bo Hopkins were a few in attendance.  As in past years, George Barris attended the show.  My friend Ken and I drove into the show about 10am and left around 3pm.  This is a walking tour of what we saw.  Enjoy.

Of course you can go directly to my YouTube channel located at: http://www.youtube.com/user/1929fordhotrod to watch these and my other videos.

Here is the first video of four videos. This on is of us driving into the show and getting parked.

Fast Tube by Casper

This is the second of four videos. Here we are walking around the wonderful grounds located on Steve Plunketts estate.

Fast Tube by Casper

Here we have the third of four videos. The walking tour continues.

Fast Tube by Casper

The last of four videos. Our tour is almost complete and we are leaving the Steve Plunkett estate at 3pm. The drive out was a bit intense. With the rain we had prior to to show, the grounds were a bit wet in spots, and with the in and out traffic, it was starting to get a bit soft and muddy. We had no problems leaving. I imagine that Steve Plunketts crew will have a bit of work to get the golf course and grounds back into great shape. Thanks Steve for hosting such a nice event and most of all for a good cause.

Fast Tube by Casper


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  1. Vicky & Barry says:

    Wow! You did an excellent job at capturing the show at Steve’s. Also, a big thank you for filming our 1937 Ford Cabriolet – Turquoise Frost with Navy Canvas top. The views of the driver’s fender, engine compartment and interior show up great. Of course, choosing what to film was not easy. Loved all your videos and will pass along to other car crazy people who are not aware of your web site and You Tube channel.

  2. hot rod says:

    Thanks for you nice comments. It is a real chore to figure out what to film. I am finding the video a real blast and lots of fun. I plan to get more involved with the video so keep watching. The Fleetwood Cruize is an incredible event. Very best regards, 1929fordhotrod.com John

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